Kitesurf Cabo Verde | Flying from Paris
The best known Cabo Verde islands for kitesurfing are Sal and Boa Vista. Sao Vicente is an authentic Cabo Verde island yet to be discovered for kitesurfing. A holiday combining Sao Vicente with Santo Antao offers more to do and to see.
Kitesurf Cabo Verde, Kitesurf Sao Vicente
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Flying from Paris

There are 2 indirect flights with TACV between Paris CDG and Sao Vicente every week:


    1. Leaving Paris CDG Friday morning and reaching Sao Vicente via Amsterdam and Sal
    2. Leaving Paris CDG Monday afternoon and reaching Sao Vicente via Praia


    1. leaving Sao Vicente Saturday and reaching Paris CDG via Sal and Amsterdam
    2. leaving Sao Vicente Thursday and reaching Paris CDG via Praia

One note of caution when flying with TACV:

The airline does note have a lot of spare capacity on international flights. They only have a few planes, each covering a wide network of destinations called upon only on a weekly basis. This means that if something unexpected happens (technical failure or a sandstorm (risk 5-10% during December – March)), it make take days for TACV to be able to get you on the next flight.

This year (2015), the airline has been faced with financial challenges. Shortages of cash to pay for servicing and to pay for flight navigation services have caused planes to be grounded, causing disruption for passengers.

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