Kitesurf Cabo Verde | Kitesurf holidays with strapless kitesurfing in real Cabo Verde
Kitesurfing holidays in Sao Vicente are all about space on the water, strapless kitesurfing in the waves and immersion in an authentic Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) island.
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If this describes what you are looking for:

  • Waves
  • Kitesurf destinations for strapless kitesurfing
  • Warm conditions for winter or spring kitesurf sessions

then Sao Vicente offer great kitesurf holidays for you.

You don’t have to be a wave expert to appreciate Sao Vicente. In fact, the wide range of wave conditions in one bay (Salamansa) means that:

  • experts can play in the big sets with cross-offshore wind and
  • those taking the first rides on waves can practice on small waves with cross-offshore wind and medium sized waves with cross-onshore wind.

Kitesurf services we offer:

Details of services

Kitesurf Security

The waves at the beach can be big and are powerful. If you are unlucky, you could be dragged to the rocks, far downwind. We strongly recommend that you make use of our kitesurf safety monitoring services. We have a lot of experience with doing this and by doing this you will support our local community.

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Kitesurf Storage

Why not make things easier for yourself by keeping your materials by the beach (instead of having to carry them back and forth every day). We offer secure storage. By making use of this service, you will be supporting our local community.

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We have latest top class material for rent, but given the conditions you need to be at high level kitesurfer and we need to make sure that you have supervision. Please let us know in advance if you are interested to rent material.

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Sao Vicente (like all of the Cabo Verde islands) does not offer the perfect conditions for the first kitesurf lessons. There is no flat water and no area where you can stand in the water.

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Food & drinks

We are delighted to offer food and drinks at our place on the beach with local atmophere called ``La Creperie chez Zoe``. The chef (Elvis) learnt his passion of cooking in Paris. He serves quick food (including pancakes) and full meals. Our place has full shelter from the sun and wind and has toilet facilities.

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Theft prevention

We are ashamed to have to write that petty crime is a big problem in all of Sao Vicente, especially on the beach at Salamansa. We installed lockers at ``La Creperie`` so you can keep your belongings safe there.

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Getting to Salamansa

Salamansa is east of Mindelo at 10km over the hills. Get there by taxi (easy) or public transport (takes longer). Getting back is the bigger challenge. We offer a shuttle service to make the trip less of a hassle.

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Please that since Kitesurf NOW closed, there is no kitesurf center on the beach and no rescue boats.

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Price List

Our prices are not low which reflects the difficulties and costs of having to bring all materials from Europe.

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Other Practical information

Wind & Weather

The best time for consistent wind from mid of December to June. On a typical day the wind blows 16 knots all day. A shorty is all you need to wear.

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Salamansa Map

Salamansa has a big bay giving you the choice of wave conditions ranging from a fast closing shore break to nicely shaped point and reef breaks. The wind choices: cross-onshore to cross-offshore.

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Accommodation at kitesurf spot

Salamansa is extremely primitive. There are some apartments and rooms for rent. Clients have tried and moved out very quickly. If you absolutely want to stay closer to the kitesurfing spot and are looking for a quiet place to stay, we recommend Tranquil Beach House and the Boat House.

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