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International flights

Finding convenient flights (reasonable flight times at reasonable prices) is not easy. When using the most commonly used flight search engines and visiting the websites of airlines, you'll often find journey times of more than 20 hours costing more than 1000 euros !
We have spent hundreds of hours helping our clients to find the best flights from around the world. We typicaly find flights from Northern Europe taking 6-10 hours, costing between 400 and 1000 euro. Examples are given on the left.
You may notice that we have not listed any low cost flights to Sal with connection to Sao Vicente with the local airline. We normally do not recommend this because connections are bad (need to extra overnight stay, risk of missing your flight) and extra costs are high (ticket price for separate local flight + extra luggage charges)
We know that finding flights is the most challenging step in getting to Sao Vicente, so Marc has devoted a lot of time to develop and maintain our own flight engine. We think this is an absolutely necessary part of our service to you and are more than happy to help you. Ola is responsible with helping you with flights, accommodation, local transports and local activities, so if you need help to finding the most convenient flights at reasonable cost, contact:


June 15, 2015

About This Project

The consultants of Kitesurf Cabo Verde (Marc and Ola) have developed and maintain a flight search engine specific to the needs for our clients wanting a convenient flight to Sao Vicente at reasonable cost.

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